Healthy & Proven Serious Weight Loss Starts Here!

Laydee Lisa has been over 150 kilos since she was a teenager. Getting up to around 260kgs at her heaviest, Lisa was known for her larger than life personality as well as her large physical appearance, earning her the nick name “Big Mama” & “Mama Lisa”.

Here is her story:

In 2011 Doctors told me that I was about to lose my leg due to having a cellulitus infection. At the time I was around 230kgs & my belly was so big and hanging over my knees so far that there was no blood flow to the legs & I was in grave danger of losing my leg if the infection spread if not my life.

The only option was to lose weight fast!


I was unable to do very basic daily functions like walk and bend down &  I had tried all the diets out there. I had broken chairs, toilets, car seats & travelling on planes, public transport or socialising were basically not possible as I could barely stand or walk, for over a decade.

I decided at the age of 36 that it was time to Live. It was time to beat this once and for all. I sought counselling of many different types, both professional & spiritual. I wanted a holistic alternative. I wanted to educate myself on nutrition & physical activity, get moving, organising my life & taking the time and making the effort to move forward, FEARLESSLY!

I was in a physical & financial situation where there were not a lot of options, & at times thought I was too far gone to ever walk or run again & felt like there was no way out. But daily affirmations and moving towards a solutions focus rather than a problem focus, was a hard but necessary transition.


I have now lost over 80kgs & still losing. I have also successfully completed my Certificate 3&4 in Health & fitness in 2012 whilst still being well over 120kgs. I  know all the limitations of an obese person compared to excuses.


I am now using my  knowledge, experience, skill &  my success to help others achieve their goals by understanding what it takes to lose weight & keep it off.

 My methods may be a little unconventional but it is a proven method and can work for you!


If you have been struggling with weight,

no matter what size you are and have tried just about everything,


then I have the key to your success.

My Method

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They say there is no time like the present.. don’t wait until its too late!

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3 thoughts on “START LIVING NOW!

  1. Janine

    Hi , I am Janine , I weight probably 190 kg I unsure as I dint like the wright myself . This last couple of weeks , about 10 weeks every second week I get cellulitis . Yet again I have it on my stomach . Last time I went to hospital , as I have to young boys 11 and 9 , I find it hard . I could really use some help with someone who been there before .
    Kinda regards


  2. Kylie Johnston

    Hi you have done an amazing job and im really interested in some help pleaseeee !!!


  3. Joy Waters

    . I’m 150kgs and fighting depression plus all the aches and pains that come with being this heavy. I have tried all the diets and can’t manage to stick with any of them. Surgery is not an option as I can’t afford it. Life is hard at the moment but hearing about your story has made me smile . Good on you, keep at it!!


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